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As the way business is conducted continues to evolve, so do we. Our M&A experts are offering one-on-one virtual valuations during this time. Schedule a complimentary virtual meeting from the comfort of your own home, at a time that is most convenient for you.


Included in the virtual meeting:

This is an opportunity for you to receive our professional advice without any expectations
or commitments. 

  • Market Overview
  • Valuation of Your Company
  • Understanding Your Saleability
  • Exit Strategy & Timeframe
  • An indication of Value Ranges Paid by Buyers
  • How to Find Your Perfect Buyer
  • Explore Your Exit or Growth Options
  • Snapshot of the M&A Sales Process

Following the meeting, you will receive a valuation report detailing indicative valuation ranges from various types of acquirers. You will also walk away with a virtual copy of our proprietary Black Box, which includes industry reports and a plethora of resources on the mergers & acquisitions process.


Meet Our Directors


Market Overview

Timing is critical in any M&A transaction and you can sell from a position of strength if your timing is in line with prime timing of the market. During the workshop, we will inform you of the historical trends in the M&A market, what the current M&A landscape looks like, and what to prepare for in the future. In addition, we will discuss industry trends and potential acquirers.


Business Valuation ranges

The market for selling a business is different from other markets because it is harder to find a clear answer because no two businesses are alike. We know the areas of a business that buyers’ value most and will go over these areas with you. Additionally, upon review of your financial statements, we will provide you with an indication of value if you were to test the market now.


Preparing for Market

Presenting your company to potential buyers and investors should include creating a strategic teaser document and confidential information memorandum. These documents highlight key features of the business and help establish a base for entering into negotiations. We will discuss the best practices to make sure that these documents provide the utmost value.


Identifying the RIGHT Buyers

You have built a valuable business but even more important than the quality of your business is finding a buyer or partner that realizes as much if not more value than you do. Benchmark International will walk you through how we identify buyers that are most likely to help you reach your objectives in terms of valuation and growth. 


 Competitive Bidding Process

The market for businesses is driven heavily by supply and demand. In order to get the most value for the company, it is important to have several interested buyers that will be forced to compete in order to have their offer accepted. As part of the workshop, we will cover the most effective ways to get the most interest in your business. 


Negotiating the Deal

Many buyers of businesses are experienced and will attempt to get the advantage in negotiating the terms of a deal. Price is an easy concept for anyone to understand but can cloud other important terms to consider. At this workshop, we will identify some of the most common tactics used to maximize the value of the deal beyond just the price.

This Valuation is
perfect for business owners who:

  • Are looking to sell their business to retire or move on to other business ventures

  • Have been approached by a buyer and want to make sure they receive a fair offer
  • Are in need of a strategic partner or additional capital to grow their business

  • Simply interested in learning the value of their company to plan for the future


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